The Reboot

SHT waterfall

Hello there. Chances are that you have no idea about the crazy past year I’ve had, or maybe you have just some vague sense of it. I’m not going to talk about that here, though, because this is a place I want to share my joys and passions and projects. Sure, some failures and tribulations will leak into my words occasionally, but they won’t ever be the focus. I believe in sharing that stuff in person with friends who know me well and who are present in my life.

This post is a reboot, though. It’s giving myself permission to¬†get excited about diving back into my projects and sharing them here. In some ways it’s a public statement that I’m back in the game and I’m moving forward with my dreams and ambitions. So, if you want to hear about my adventures with cakes, photography, music, the North Shore, my dog, and so much more…stay tuned.

SHT flowers

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