Oberg Mountain Day Trip

trail on Oberg Mountain

Every so often my soul wanders off to the forest. I feel her absence and I go to her to be rejoined. When I find her, she insists that I first breathe the air with intent and gaze upon the trees and streams with consideration before she will be reclaimed. So we walk softly on the rock, moss, soil, and grass, hand-in-hand, as unavoidably in the present as the natural world around us.


I inflate┬ámy lungs and absorb the flora and fauna until I feel full. My mind having reached a quiet state, she turns and says, “You’ve been neglecting me, so I brought you here where we can reach the same frequency, where we can be realigned. We can always heal and recover in this sanctuary.”

Oberg Lake overlook

Amidst the oak, maple, birch, and pine, we embrace and we are whole again.

Lake Superior view from Oberg Mountain

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